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Hacker Group Anonymous Cyberwar Threat On US

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Get your firewalls and anti-virus protection up and running as the computer hacking organization “Anonymous” is threatening new attacks on major US corporations and government official as an addition to their cyberwar against official American persons and institutions.

The group’s Barrett Brown has reportedly said, “It’s a guerrilla cyberwar, that’ what I call it.” He added, “It’s sort of an unconventional, asymmetrical act of warfare that we’ve involved in and we didn’t necessarily start it. I mean, this fire has been burning.”

Brown is obviously confident, perhaps overconfident in his abilities and those of his partners as their attacks have caused much damage to persons in and around government.

Their efforts targeting even law enforcement may be their death knell as it’s becoming obvious their protections under the law are nullified here due to national security concerns.
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These computer hackers may feel they have an obligation or some call to do what they do however can they face the lengthy jail time, some as high as life in prison?

It’s a sure bet that when the hammer comes down on some of them and they realize they may be in jail and never see the light of day again that they’ll sing and undo their own allies.

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