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Hacker Group Anonymous Leaks Bank of America Emails

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In a move that must have officials at Bank of America sitting on the edge of their seats, the infamous hacker group Anonymous lived up to their claims of releasing emails that they say reveal corruption and fraud regarding BofA.

The group sent the curious to the website to get the email files themselves and these emails reportedly show exchanges in late 2010 between employees of the insurance company Balboa which is owned by Bank of America and these emails discuss such things as the removal of files in relation to certain insured properties.

In response, BofA says the emails come from a disgruntled former employee at Balboa and that the emails weren’t related to foreclosures.

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BofA maintains their position that the accusations made about the emails is untrue and a spokesman for the company informed Reuters of this.

Anonymous isn’t a branch of the WikiLeaks group although they are on the same page.

Anonymous had been claiming that they had banking documents they were going to release and so far are good to their word, however, it all depends on the contents of these emails and if there can be any verification of authenticity and then if the content is evidence enough to support the claims of fraud and corruption.

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