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Hacker Group Targets BofA With e-mails Monday Release

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The controversial group known as Anonymous that is renown for it’s computer hacking has stated it plans to release emails they obtained from Bank of America.

In a show of solidarity to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, Anonymous said they would release these reportedly incriminating emails on Monday which they state contain documents that expose “corruption and fraud” at Bank of America which is the largest US bank by assets.

Bank of America has not commented on the threats and it’s a good bet that when the documents do come to the light of day that BOA will be on it’s defenses.

This comes in the wake of many Americans who didn’t like the fact that Bank of America had received such generous government stimulus money when the public felt BOA had been to much blame for the banking crisis in the first place.

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Should there be devastating information about BOA in these emails and documents there’s no telling who they’ll implicate regarding the fraud and corruption they’re claimed to involve.

If any politicians are implicated in these emails it’s certain to cause an even greater uproar from the public in the US who have been hit by one wave of corruption after another.

Also to take note is if any big time celebrities and major media and movie companies are involved as the public relies on them to report such corruption and fraud. The truth may or may not come out but it will be interesting to see.

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