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Hacker Sells Access To Government Websites

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An unidentified hacker is currently selling access to multiple government and university domains, going for anywhere from $50 to $500 a piece.

The breach was originally discovered by Imperva which is a specialized internet security firm and is currently trying to track down the hacker. The homepage for the U.S Army as well as the National Guard is going for nearly $500 a piece and people also have the option of purchasing various university domains.

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There are also free passes to the Italian Government Website which are going for almost $100 each as well as the Taiwanese educational center which is going for $88.

Imperva has released as much information about the hacker’s activities as they can, stating they he or she is selling sensitive data information for just $20 and that person will get a list of 1,000 names as well as addresses and phone numbers of certain university staff members.

Imperva is working hard to find the person who is responsible for the recent massive breach of security which is unprecedented so far.

The security firm says that the hacker most likely was able to go through an SQL injection, giving him access to all of the domains.

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