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Hackers Fight Climate Change

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It’s a hackers paradise as the semi-annual “Random Hacks of Kindness” event is now in full swing.

This event is actually sponsored by a collaboration of big named companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo!, NASA, the World Bank, and Google.

The purpose of the event is to allow good hackers to pit their minds together to help to figure out any solutions to global problems such as the economy to climate change.

From all over the world the hackers get together and get the gray matter cooking by soliciting “problem definitions” and puts the problems on the plates of the tech smart.

It’s a marriage that combines the global experts and the technically sharp hackers and tech experts so that solutions can be made instead of having the singular groups trying to do it on their own which often leads to ineffectiveness.

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This is a case of using one’s powers for good as opposed to evil.

Hacking is often associated with criminal acts but in this case it’s a meeting of the minds to get real solutions and applications that nongovernmental organizations can get answers to.

The spread of the RhoK group is growing with chapters in towns across the globe and they pit their skills against problems posed by other experts in hopes of coming to solutions.

It’s like the popular Star Trek series where the United Federation of Planets gets together to battle against all sorts of problems.

This is a great way for computer experts and non tech-savvy administrators to get together and solve problems instead of creating them.

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