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Ever surf Facebook at work but were afraid your boss would catch you? Well fear no more as it’s reported that a new website lets you surf the popular social networking site without the chance of your boss catching on.

Well that’s what this story claims anyhow.

Of course it was college students who came up with this gem. The website is called and via it’s technology converts your Facebook news feed into an excel spreadsheet so that it looks like you’re working instead of finding out if that chick from your old high school has posted new pictures of herself.

The news feeds show up in the column cells and you can see pics and videos with mouseover ease.

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The site’s creation is attributed to student from Yale’s Bay Gross, 20 after he was told by a friend that she was told she couldn’t surf Facebook until she was done with work.

Leave it to a damsel in distress to get a guy’s genius working.

This website is another of the innovative offshoots of the Facebook craze. Facebook no longer is just a website, it’s like a force of nature.

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