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HealthCare.Gov:New Government Health Care Website Launched

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HealthCare.Gov:New Government Health Care Website Launched – With so much misinformation available on the Internet, the government decided to launch a web site that explains our upcoming changes to our health care system in detail. The Department of Health and Human Services recently launched The site will be dedicated to helping people find health insurance that suits their needs and understand how the health care system works.
The site was named as a requirement in the health care law that passed in March. They had until the first of July to get the website available and running for the public to access. By October, the department is expected to offer a tool that allows people to compare the pricing options between a number of different plans that they qualify for. While there are independent companies that also do this, having it all available in one place will make the information easy to find and readily available for those that need help finding health insurance.

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A number of organizations, including America’s Health Insurance Plans recently voiced concerns regarding the new feature that will be included on the web site. They are not in favor of the new feature, and believe that the device needs to provide the information in an appropriate context for the tool to work as expected.
“Providing information about claims denials without providing proper context does not begin to tell the whole story,” said Robert Zirkelbach, a spokesman for the group.
The changes are a welcome addition to the health care system for many, who have been confused about the changes that will be taking place over the course of the next few years.

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