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Here You Have Virus Email – New Computer Virus

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Here You Have Virus Email – New Computer Virus – If you open your inbox over the course of the next few weeks and see an email with the subject line “Here You Have,” do not open it, and delete it form your inbox as soon as you see it. The email contains a virus that has been spreading rapidly around corporate email users in the United States. It is believed that the hackers purposely targeted the corporate email lists, instead of targeting personal emails. The virus sends an email to everyone on your contact list, claiming that they are sending you a link to a document.

The body of the email simply states that you have the document they’ve been looking for, and directs them to a website. The origin of the virus is still not clear, and experts have been unable to gauge how far the virus has spread. It is clear that many corporate email systems have been infected with the virus.

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Because the nature of the virus allows it to spread by emailing everyone on your contacts list, it has been able to spread very quickly. Although the virus does not appear to have any serious ramifications behind it, the prank is still one that harms productivity in the workplace and has caused problems in a number of companies.

Experts are looking for ways to slow the spread of the virus, so that it does not affect more companies. Opening it will result in everyone on your contact list receiving the email from you. No matter who sends you an email with the subject line “Here You Have,” it is best not to open it.

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