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Honda & GM 135G Vehicles Recall 2010

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HONDA recently issued a recall on 35,000 Passport SUVs in order to perform thorough inspections on their rear suspension to make sure they are safe and will not result in an accident.

The Passports that have been recalled were made from 1998 to 2002 and they are only sold in 21 states as well as the District of Columbia.
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HONDA claimed that the problem lies with the lower trailing links which have been known to corrode over a short period of time, leading to the breaking of a bracket and therefore a crash. Although so far no injuries have been experienced by HONDA SUV owners, there have been over 30 complaints so far.

A few of the states that have been affected by the recall include New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. On a related topic, GM announced that they will be recalling a total of 100,000 crossovers in order to make sure that the seat belts are properly installed and do not fail in the event of a crash.

The car manufacturer is concerned because some of the problems that have been identified could mean trouble for crossover owners that get into accidents without the proper protection to keep them from going through the windshield.

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