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Hotmail Lost Emails Now Restored

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There have been a number of Hotmail users who have reported seeing a blank inbox when logging into their accounts, revealing a serious glitch with the email site that is owned and run by Microsoft.

So far there have many reports of this problem on the official Microsoft support forum that exists for users to go on and post any issues they are having with these products.

Although it is true that Hotmail users can still log into their accounts, they do not see anything where the inbox should be. There are now “sent” or “deleted” folders like there should be, which mystified thousands of people.

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Yair Gil who was one of the Hotmail users affected by the glitch says that he has had a Hotmail account since he was been on the internet in the mid 90s.

So far it is unknown just how many users have been affected by this problem, but it is suspected that thousands of people have experienced this issue which seems to have no specific cause.

Reports of the problem started to appear on the help page shortly after the issue with the inbox started and it is hard for Microsoft to ignore considering the sheer number of people with this specific complaint.


Microsoft lost Hotmail emails are now restored.

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