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How Do I Delete My Facebook Account?

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How Do I Delete My Facebook Account? – As thousands flock to delete their Facebook accounts over privacy concerns, many are finding that it can be tougher than originally imagined to delete your account. This is bad news for many who were looking to quickly take their information off of the internet after recent privacy bugs that allowed outside users to gain access to a range of different information across many continents. All of the information was contained in the users profile, but was not supposed to be shared with individuals that were not their friends on the popular social networking service.

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To Delete Your Account:

1) Delete all Facebook Connect logins. These logins can be present on sites like Digg, Meetup, etc. that are connected to the Facebook platform.
2) Copy and paste the following link:
3) Click Submit, and follow the instructions on the screen.
4) Do Not log in to your Facebook account. After you have gone through the deletion process, your account with be in a state of review for 14 days. If you continue to access your account, your account may not end up being deleted after all.
5) Wait and watch. If after 14 days your account is still not deleted, try the process again, with an extra effort to remove all sites that are connected to your Facebook account from the Facebook Connect feature.

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