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Howard Stringer Sony Hackers Drama

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The inside story of Sony Corp’s war with hackers is coming out and it looks like the war is nowhere near over.

It is now known that Sony had been under threats and attacks for years. They’ve been the target of the group Anonymous, a loose group of terrorist hackers that have been wreaking havoc against corporations, governments, and religions.

Anonymous is apparently angry with Sony for not allowing people to tinker with their popular PlayStation 3 console.

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Someone hacked Sony three times in 2008.

The assaults against Sony have frustrated their customers no end as breaches in their personal data has parents and businesses worried.

Sony’s top man Howard Stringer is still fielding the brunt of Sony criticism and considering the revealing information that officials from all sides had warned Sony way ahead of time, on numerous occasions that Sony needed to implement better security and management procedures.

This lack of foresight put Sony in the sights of the hackers and has no one else to blame for the nightmare they keep undergoing.

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