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HP TouchPad Priced At $699

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Hewlett Packard has thrown its hat into the ring with regards to the new trend of tablet computer which an increasing number of companies have been taking advantage of.

Although their new TouchPad might not prove to be quite as popular as the iPad, it is still certainly generating a lot of buzz from those cannot wait to see what it is actually like.

The rumors about the new tablet computer have been spreading like wildfire and one of them includes a price tag of $699 which could be somewhat appealing compared to the $799 price tag of the Android 3.0 Motorola Xoom.

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Consumers are starting to get anxious with the rumors spreading about HP’s new TouchPad and all of the different features and specs it is supposedly going to have.

An analyst from Forrester Research commented on HP’s new tablet computer, saying that eventually it will need to include 3G and 4G in order to attract enough people to draw competition away from companies like Apple and Motorola.

Consumers are very well away are of the iPad 2 release which is coming up in the spring and highly anticipated by many. HP will definitely have their hands full dealing with all of the buzz that Apple has been generating with their own tablet computer.

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