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Hulu: Cable-like TV Bundle Provider?

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Hulu may be completely changing the way it advertises itself to the public, switching from online provider of TV to something else entirely.

The company is considering charging users for monthly subscriptions in order to access the television shows they offer on the website.

There are multiple company insiders who have spoken to the Wall Street Journal, saying that it is just one of several possible outcomes which the site is considering.

There is no doubt that they want to make money from what they are doing in order to keep things competitive, but nothing is certain as of right now.

The company fears that if they do not start charging for access to the site, content providers will begin to move on due to the fact that no money is coming in on their part.
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Although Hulu has always been thought of as one of the few websites online for free viewing of television shows, that may not be the case very shortly depending on what they decide.

Hulu is thinking about taking on the role of an online cable service which would definitely be a first for the internet, at least on the kind of level that this company would take it to.

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