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Hulu Plus:Hulu New Premium Service

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Hulu Plus:Hulu New Premium Service – Everyone knows about Youtube which was bought out by Google several years back. However, Hulu has been making a quick uprising and they’ve maintained their number 2 spot as the second most popular video website in the world. Well amazingly, Hulu has announced new capabilities that might bring the features of Hulu over the top. Hulu plans to release a new premium service that will allow TV and movie programming to be played on mobile devices. That means the same type of channels your TV plays as well as set-top boxes.

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You’re probably thinking that your cell phone screen is so small, why would you want to watch TV on it? Well cell phones have been getting increasingly better as the years go on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple, the developers behind the iPhone or another similar company were able to create a new style of mobile devices that allows you to flip out a much larger, portable screen. However, Apple’s iPhone already features one of the largest HD screens in the cell phone industry.

Hulu Plus is going to be a paid service that will assist their free online website. There will be one main offer for the television service, a high definition content subscription for $9.99 a month. Now you will be able to access Hulu while on the go via your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Samsung TV, Blu-ray player or many other devices.

The service will also be available on Playstation 3 starting in July sometime. The company hopes to expand to Sony and Vizio TV’s by fall. Xbox 360 can expect Hulu’s addition by sometime in early 2011.

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