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IBM Supercomputer Jeopardy Win

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The custom made machine that IBM has built called “Watson” is a supercomputer which was able to won the first round of man vs. machine Jeopardy competition in an experiment they have been doing to test out just how smart their creation really is.

They pitted the computer against the lines of Ken Jennings as well as Brad Rutter to see how intelligent their machine is and it is no surprise to the company, it won. Although it was just a practice round for the show, the machine still managed to get more of the answers right.

The Jeopardy contests involving man vs. machine will be taped at the Yorktown Heights Research Center which belongs to IBM and will be available for public viewing from February 14th to the 16th.

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The Jeopardy challenge represents the chance to take their computer technology to the next level, raising the bar entirely for their creations in order to make them smarter than ever and able to accurately mimic human intelligence.

David Ferruci is the scientist who is leading the team to develop the supercomputer Watson and he is extremely excited about what possibilities it holds as far as artificial intelligence is concerned.

There is absolutely no doubt that IBM is doing certain things that no other company on earth is right now and that is something which they are immensely proud of.

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