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In The Plex Book On Google and Apple

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A new book that’s scheduled to hit the shelves this week is supposed to be so hot that it may tear the roof of the secret Google empire.

“In The Plex” is a book authored by one Steven Levy who is a tech reporter who states he’d done two years of research into Google.

The book supposedly focuses on the falling out of favor between Google and Apple’s Steve Jobs.

Apparently Googly had initially wanted Jobs to run the Google empire but he refused but was so impressed with them that he decided to hook them up with advisers.

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Then when Google ventured into the Android market Jobs reportedly saw this as a compromising relationship as the Android would be in direct competition with the iPhone.

The conflicts escalated from there and not only the Jobs controversy but the China situation as well. Google was supposed to make inroads into China but things didn’t work out well. That debacle is well documented but what this new book has to say may be even more interesting.

People often wonder how Google got so big in the first place and this book may cover that as well as to what goes on behind the search engine’s curtains. We’ll know this week when all will be revealed.

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