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Incase Snap Case iPhone 4: Apple Free iPhone 4 Case Program

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Incase Snap Case iPhone 4: Apple Free iPhone 4 Case Program – Do you have an iPhone 4, and have you been having connectivity or reception issues? Apple recently addressed the issue and will be giving customers who have purchased the phone cases to deal with the problems. They will be sending a case to everyone who has purchased an iPhone. The problem is that when the phone is held, the hand covers the antenna and the phone will lose reception. The problem has caused Apple’s stock to fall and has infuriated many of their customers.
Those who own the device, as well as individuals who buy the phone through September 30th will also receive an app from the iTunes store which will help them to set up the delivery of their free case. Apple is offering a number of options, including their own bumper case, as well as a number of third-party cases that they have made available.

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The iPhone launched on June 24, and has sold 1.7 million phones to date. Reports emerged shortly after the release stating that when the device is held in the left hand, reception dips. This was followed by a review from the popular magazine, Consumer Reports, where they did not recommend the phone.
Despite the frenzy that has followed the release of the iPhone; the launch has been plagued by a number of problems with the device. Apple is doing their best to alleviate the problems, but many customers have decided to wait for later versions of the phone to make their purchase.

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