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Indiana Unemployment Traffic Up

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Indiana Unemployment Traffic Up – Indiana’s unemployment (which can be found at rate rose slightly in June, up to 10.1 percent, according to a number of sources. This is the third consecutive month that the unemployment rate in the state has reached double digits. The information was released by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. They made the announcement on Tuesday morning.

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The level stayed put at 10% on the dot through both April and May, but has risen from 9.7% this time last year. However, the state does have a reason to be hopeful, even though their unemployment rate is rising. The number of permanent jobs rose by 3,600 in June, but many temporary professional and business jobs came to an end at the same time, resulting in private sector unemployment dropping by more than 1,100.
A number of sectors reported job growth, which is a good thing for the ailing state. Those industries that reported gains include transportation and utilities, manufacturing and financial activities. Sectors that reported large declines include hospitality, construction and government, which resulted in an overall loss of jobs in the state.
The jobless rate has been the lowest in the Midwest, but their recent uptick puts them ahead of Kentucky, who still has a 10% unemployment rate. Kentucky’s jobless rate has fallen by nearly half of a percentage point since May.
The national unemployment rate is currently sitting at 9.5 percent, and some experts have said that it could get worse before it gets much better. It will be interesting to see how quickly the economy is able to recover.

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