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Internet Ad Revenue Climbing

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Talk about a huge haul!

In 2010 it’s reported that the internet brought in an astounding $26 billion in revenue, up 15 percent from the previous year.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau and PsC released the latest figures which shows five consecutive quarters of growth.

The stats break down to the search engines hauling in 46% of the revenue with digital video accounting for 5%, display ads including video brought in $10 billion up 24% in 2010, and sponsorships showed an 88% increase to $718 million making it the fastest growing form of ad revenue.

These figures prove what aficionados predicted way back in the 90s as the internet started to grow.
With the advancement in technologies and broadband, the internet has become the centerpiece for communication and entertainment.
Today people can get global news, movies, comic books, cartoons, shop, talk to one other with video live and even go to school online.

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Not only that but the advancement of hand held devices makes things even more convenient for people to be the target of advertisers and they know if fully.
It may turn out that we’ve not seen anywhere near the amount of advertising potential on the web as there may be opportunity for far more than advertisers have budgets available for.

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