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Internet Providers Going After Online Pirates

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Beware evildoer downloaders!

Under a new anti-piracy effort announced on Thursday, anyone who illegally downloads copyrighted movies, television, music and more might find their bandwidth squeezed to a trickle.

It’s because now US Internet service providers are joining in on the effort to stem off the massive piracy. The companies will warn owners six times before dropping the hammer and will send the warnings via emails or pop up messages.

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The providers will implement certain restrictions but will give users the option to plead their case just in case they didn’t know a site was a pirate site as many pirate sites look more legitimate than legitimate sites. It takes a trained eye to tell the difference and for people who aren’t web savvy, it’s very easy to deceive them.

The statistics of piracy are why the companies are making the move. They state that the price of piracy costs the US more than $16 billion in lost revenue, $3 billion in taxes and about 370,000 jobs.

Those aren’t numbers to sneeze at and that means someone has to put a plug into the piracy world like what is being done to the hacking world.

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