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iOS 4.2 Release: Verizon iPhone 4 Announcement

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iOS 4.2 Release: Verizon iPhone 4 Announcement – Speculation is spreading as to when iOS 4.2 will be released. Some say that it come could be as soon as the 16th while others think that the official announcement might come a little bit later on. Rumors have began to spread as to just when it will be released, but nobody knows for sure.

Some news sources say that the new OS will be coming out later than expected with more and more delays, but it remains to be seen just when it will be released onto the market for consumers to use. For a while now there has been a lot of anticipation surround iOS 4.2. It is rumored to have a number of new design features which have many people excited.

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Originally the release date of iOS 4.2 was said to be on November 12th, but that day quickly came and went. Now consumers are looking for the real date of its release and they are getting quite anxious. These rumors first began circulating after Apple officially released its Golden Master version of the OS on the 1st of November. This triggered a lot of excitement across the country as well as questions as to when the new OS will be released. The question still remains unanswered and consumers are starting to fidget in their seats as they await a solid answer which has to be confirmed.

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