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IOS 4 Release Time:Apple iPhone 4

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IOS 4 Release Time:Apple iPhone 4 – By downloading the iOS4, which is available today Monday June 21st at 10 a.m. PST at the following address, you will have access to some brand new features.
Isn’t Apple a wonderful company?
Just before the June 24 release of the iPhone 4 they are making it possible for those who already have an iPhone 3 GS to enjoy some the new features that the iPhone 4G will contain.
The downloadable iOS4 will permit you to have the following cool things:

*You will be able to multitask
We often complain that the iPhone could not open multiple applications simultaneously- you were force to close one before opening another.
Well not anymore now you can check your mails while listening to the radio or using your GPS.
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*You will be able to better organize your mail and folders
You can now put all of your e-mails from multiple accounts in a single box, or in separate boxes.
Additionally you will be able to create folders just by dragging one application to another.
They will be automatically be created and given a name after the application category selected. For example, consolidate under a single icon : photo editing, cooking, newspapers and magazines …

*You will be able to read books .
Thanks the iBook application you can buy books on iBookstore, and read them on your iPhone.

*You can have your personal wallpaper
Tired of the old black screen?
Well now you can finally choose your own wallpaper.

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