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iPad 2 Announcement: Apple Event Reveals Price & Release Date

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Apple is back on the block as Steve Jobs showed up to unveil the newest iPad tablet called the iPad 2 which is scheduled to ship on March 11.

The features of the new iPad 2 has two cameras, front and back, is twice as fast as the first iPad and is nine times more powerful graphics-wise.
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You can expect the usual Apple fan stampede on March 11 when this goodie hits the stores. People went berserk when the first iPads came out and then were all over the place showing them off.

It’s like if it’s Apple they’ll go for it even when they know there will be a new version coming out in a bout a year which is exactly what happened here. The iPad 2 is certainly going to cause a stir as the secondary markets of apps and software and other stuff will come flying off the shelves as well.

The blogosphere will be inundated with reviews and comments and it should be a great gift for upcoming birthdays and Christmas, unless Apple and Jobs reveal a newer version just before the major holiday season.

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