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iPad 2 Release Date: February 2011

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After months of rumors floating around on the internet, Kevin Rose who is the CEO of Digg said on his blog that the announcement of the iPad 2 release from Apple is a very short time away, making a lot of people who have been awaiting this news very happy.

There have been a number of other rumors regarding the second incarnation of the device, such as that it will supposedly have a USB port on it. There is no doubt that consumers cannot wait to see just what the iPad 2 holds with regards to features and interface changes.

Apple has promised great things in the past and even Rose is expecting them to deliver once again this time around.

The AppleInsider wrote that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that the company is preparing to make a big announcement very shortly and it could be what Apple consumers have been waiting for.
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Even the retailers which will be carrying the new devices have been kept in the dark as to the release date of the new iPad, something which many people and companies are frustrated by.

Apple is notorious for keeping all of their news on developing devices under wraps until they are ready to announce.

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