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iPad 3G

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iPad 3G – With the recent release of the iPad and all of the hype and excitement behind it building up there has been some concern with some if its features. Huge lines have been building all around the United States with people rushing to stores to get their new prized possession, the iPad. It is no doubt going to be a really awesome gadget that is taking us ahead in technology and reaching new heights in computing with touch screen technology and incredibly advanced features. Not to mention the endless amount of applications that Apple and private developers have been so flawless at creating for the iPhone, iTouch, and now the iPad. It seems that the iPad is the computer for the everyday user that loves a mobile device that can connect to the internet, read and respond to emails, and surf the web.

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One problem that people are having to address is whether or not they bought the right version of the iPad. You should pay very close attention because if you rushed out and bought your iPad in the first days of its released, you might be a little bummed out. The iPad which released on Saturday, April 3rd has no 3g capabilities. This means that you can only connect to the wireless internet in your home or in public areas that have free Wifi. Some of these hotspots for Wifi are places like Starbucks, most motels, and areas where people like to come in and sit. Some gas stations offer free Wifi to their customers as well but many times you have to buy something before you can use it.

Well, the 3g capable iPad isn’t going to be released until the end of April. 3G capability allows you to pay only $30 a month to the AT&T phone and internet network and you will be able to access the internet from virtually anywhere that you want to.

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