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iPad Apps For Review And Approval

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iPad Apps For Review And Approval – Apple has begun to accept applications that are built specifically for their Apple iPad tablet handheld device. The device is not scheduled to go live until April 3rd, but has garnered a lot of attention from the media and from rival tech companies in recent weeks. The iPad is much larger than most of the other handheld devices that have been offered by Apple in the past including the iPhone, iPod and iTouch. Apple is hoping that people are able to use the larger screen for more innovative apps that were not possible with the smaller devices.

However, in order for developers to develop applications for the iPad, they need to have access to an emulator, which mimics the screen of an iPad. No developers have been given a version of the iPad for testing purposes, and Apple has kept quiet about when developers can expect to receive a version of the iPad. Industry insiders have speculated that developers will not receive the iPad until it is available for the general public.
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A number of applications that have already been released for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch are rumored to be redesigned to use all of the space available on the iPad screen. Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble will be developing ebook apps that are specifically designed for use on the iPad. This comes to the surprise of many, who believed that Amazon would avoid this and instead try to further promote their ebook Kindle handheld device.
The iPad has been selling unexpectedly well, selling over 120,000 on the first day that the device was available for pre-order. If the iPad is able to become half as popular as the other devices that have been released by Apple in recent years, consumers can expect the device to become quite popular and extend its reach past the usual market for handheld devices.

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