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iPad Sales:120,000 On First Day

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It is estimated the Apple’s most recent launch, the iPad, will have sold over 120,000 units on their first day available. Many sources had estimated that the initial demand for the Apple iPad would be much less than it turned out to be. By all accounts the 120,000 units sold on the first day of the launch is considered to be a very high number. Many experts had estimated that the iPad would not breach the six figure mark and instead the iPad seems to have surpassed all expectations that were currently laid on it.

The iPad comes in several different forms. There are three different hard drive sizes that are usually contained in an Apple iPad. First of all, there is the 16 GB version. This version is the cheapest and was figured by many to be the most purchased version of the Apple iPad. The second version of the Apple iPad features a 32 GB hard drive. The iPad with the largest hard drive features a 64 GB hard drive. It was shocking to many to find out that on the first day of the launch all of the different versions of the iPad were purchased with equal frequency.
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Data also showed that customers were more apt to purchase the WiFi only version of the iPad, which allows the user to connect to wireless networks in the area. The other version of the iPad allowed users to connect to the 3G network that was delivered by Apple. Customers in fact purchased the WiFi only version by a margin of almost two to one on opening day. Many more people who were surveyed said that they plan on buying the device, but will wait until later versions and bug fixes are available for the Apple iPad.

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