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iPhone 4 Problems:iPhone 4 Issues

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iPhone 4 Problems:iPhone 4 Issues – With any great product that is launched from Apple we have seen amazing response from the world and the shopping community. The lines that are expected for consumers to get their hands on an iPhone 4 shouldn’t come as a surprise. Over the last few years if there is anything you’ve learned from Apple it’s probably that they have huge demand for their products. The Apple iPhone 4 is set to launch at the city’s midtown flagship store in New York. It seems that traditional launches of Apple’s products have worked better for them rather than doing things with a more complicated approach. However, the launch of the original iPhone was very easy going. At that time they didn’t have huge demand in their iPhone product.

Just a year later in-store activation was developed and AT&T became overwhelmingly attacked with new buyers. During that time AT&T had serious trouble handling their servers and keeping up with the high demand. The iPhone 3GS which was launched this year had plenty of demand but the release of the product still went remarkably smooth.
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If you’ve been following Apple recently then you might have learned about the long lines for the iPad. Well the iPhone 4 lines might not compete on that scale but they could come very close. The phone was expected to launch at 7a.m. this morning in order to attract the early risers. Apple was questioned on their management of the release but an Apple Store employee was able to give reporters a comforting response. He said that “We’re going to prioritize the reservations.” This was the same approach that they took for the iPad. While it worked out alright, the lines were still pretty ugly and it created a bit of a mess. Perhaps things will be more organized than they appear to be but don’t expect to get your new iPhone the day of release.

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