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iPhone Time magazine “Invention of the Year”

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The most talked-about and controversial cell phone the iPhone has been named by Time magazine “Invention of the Year.”
Here are the five reasons why :

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*The iPhone is said to be extremely attractive and easy to use, taking account of design touches that many technology companies do not consider.
* Secondly, the phone’s touchscreen interface is said to be the first to genuinely combine a touchscreen with natural motions, such as flicking through album covers or “stretching” photos.
*The iPhone is considered as a true “handheld, walk-around computer”.
* The magazine also acknowledges that platform is expected to get even better after the release of an SDK in February.
*Finally, the iPhone is expected to only become cheaper and more functional in later versions.

I guess inventors sucked this year,if the iphone managed to win this one.

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