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Ipod Touch Release Near

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Ipod Touch Release Near – On the heels of the release of the iPhone 4, it now appears that the next iPod Touch will be released soon. The device is basically a small version of the iPhone, minus the phone connection. The next iPod Touch will reportedly have a five megapixel camera, complete with flash. The camera will also be able to shoot 720p HD video. This is a huge upgrade over the previous version of the iPod Touch.

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It will also reportedly have the same accelerometer and gyroscope that were included in the iPhone 4. The two applications have run into a number of problems since they were released, hopefully those bugs will be fixed before they appear on the iPod Touch.
The gadget will also allow users to video chat over Wi-Fi. That means that the iPod Touch will need a microphone, and the only real difference between the iPod Touch and the iPhone will be a phone connection. This has led some to speculate that the company could consider dropping their iPod franchise at some point in the future.
Sales for the device have taken a nose dive since the attention shifted to the iPhone and iPad. It will be interesting to see how much loner iPod’s are available on the market, especially with the number of pre-orders the iPhone 4 received prior to its release.

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