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ITA Software:Google Buys Travel Software

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ITA Software:Google Buys Travel Software – Google might be trying to establish themselves as the biggest name on the web, that is if they haven’t already accomplished that. Google owns, and several other huge websites. They didn’t create Youtube, rather they bought it out after they realized the potential that the site had. While their purchased landed them in debt that they still haven’t regained themselves from, they’re already looking towards buying another business. This time they’re looking towards a data giant ITA that is selling for $700 million. Google announced the big news on Thursday and says they’re hoping that by buying the site they can begin to make an appearance in the hugely competitive airfare industry which has been booming throughout many years.

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The website was a Boston-based company that focused on ITA and organizing airline data such as flight time, availability and prices. Not to mention that any airline website opens the possibility for purchasing tickets online. The airline industry has the foundation to grow into a huge business. Many websites like Kayak, Orbitz, TripAdvisor, Bing and even rely on the website for their information. If you know how reliable these sites are like Expedia that allows you to find the cheapest tickets available, then you know how high up Google’s recent purchase is in the food chain. Results show that close to half of all airline tickets are now purchased on the Internet which is huge numbers for online travel websites.
The Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that the online travel business has been a huge mess. He says that there is just too much available with thousands of sites giving confusing ticket pricing and even availability. With Google’s purchase of ITA they imagine providing a far more complex system for online travel that would streamline results and make flying easier. Google has already dominated many aspects of the Internet, what’s stopping them from delving into a new project?

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