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Jailbreaking iPhone Apps Legal

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Jailbreaking iPhone Apps Legal – IPhone users can now legally hack their phones and download applications that are not located in Apple’s apps store, according to new copyright laws.
A division of the Library of Congress authorized a number of new exemptions to the digital Millennium Copyright Act that will allow users to “jailbreak” their iPhone’s and download apps that are not included in Apple’s app store. This is not authorized by the company, and the company has taken a number of steps to prevent this from happening. The new rules will be officially published on Tuesday in the Federal register.

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The practice of jailbreaking phones has been around for quite some time. Until now, it has been a legal grey area that was mostly frowned upon by Apple themselves. Apple previously has had the right to request a $2,500 fine for damages every time users broke a certain law that kept them from breaking into the manufacturer’s machine.
Apple, as far as we know, never requested that anyone receive a fine. The company did, however, fight the passing of the new changes to the copyright laws in hopes that they would be able to make the jailbreaking of their phones illegal. Apple makes it a practice to void the warranty on any phone that has been hacked.
It will be interesting to see exactly how this will affect the jailbreaking community. Obviously, sites will be able to be more outward with the fact that they are offering iPhone applications that are not offered in the app store. Could we potentially see free app stores popping up around the web?

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