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Japan Radiation Exposure Risk Scares Europe

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Due to the fears of radioactive contamination entering the atmosphere from the damaged Japanese nuclear power plants, people in Finland are making bee lines to buy up as much iodine as they can get their hands on.

They actually ran out of iodine on Saturday and as the fears abated a bit the country was able to replenish it’s stock but now, after a third explosion rocked the Fukushima No. 2 reactor and indeed it’s reported that radioactive steam had escaped, that new stock of iodine may run out again.

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Iodine is used because it aids in preventing radiation from entering the thyroid gland.

People are warned not to take iodine tablets without proper authorized medical recommendation as there can be side effects of a level that can be worse than the possible benefits.

Even neighboring European countries mentioned that they had been asked about iodine.

In situations like this where a product may be in desperate demand there’s no telling what the market for these products can cause.

Panic can cause some to hoard these iodine tablets and re-sell them for higher costs and it’s best if officials keep an eye on such practices. As the Japanese nuclear drama unfolds it would be wise to keep an eye on local stockpiles of iodine tablets just in case.

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