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JC Penney Spam In Google Search Results: NYT

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The New York Times recently did a piece exposing the search engine giant Google for some recent unethical behavior, allowing the clothing retailer JC Penney to spam search results for a number of months by creating a series of fake pages with specific keywords that people tend to search for.

This is just one of the most recent stories done on search engine optimization and how it can be manipulated by certain companies for their own personal gain.

As a result of creating all of the fake pages and spamming Google, it messed with the search engine’s PageRank system which sorts websites according to the amount of traffic they get among other things.
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A spokesperson for the company stated that the company had no idea what was going on and that the culprit is most likely an SEO team which was hired by JC Penney to help promote their stores.

The truly shocking and somewhat impressive part of the story is how the clothing retail giant managed to trick Google into spamming their search engine with so many fake pages.

JC Penney was able to pull off the SEO search engine scam for a number of months before their plan was finally discovered and revealed by the New York Times.

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