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Julian Assange vs Mark Zuckerberg On SNL

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Saturday Night Live recently crafted a skit that pit Jualian Assange versus recent ‘Person of the Year’ for Time magazine, Mark Zuckerberg. SNL is known for not only its comedic skits, but also clever insight into the world of politics.

Bill Hader who plays Julian Assange says that while “he” provides private information about corporations to the public for free, Zuckerberg takes people’s private information and sells it to corporations. In the recent SNL skit Hader makes a few very witty and all too truthful comments that compare Assange and Zuckerberg as potential men of the year.

Hader said that he wonders just how different the world views of the two men are and is curious about getting to know each of them individually. There were quite a few people who were disappointed as to the choice that Time magazine made with regards to its prestigious Person of the Year award, choosing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over Julian Assange who made history by releasing a series of secret cables to the public.
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There are still quite a few people who believe that Assange should have received the title, but ultimately the magazine felt that Zuckerberg deserved it because he managed to create the largest social network the internet as seen in years.

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