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Karen Beth Young: Woman Booted From Facebook Suing

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Karen Beth Young: Woman Booted From Facebook Suing – A woman is suing Facebook for banning her off the social networking site, for what she seems to be claiming, having too many friends.

According to Karen Beth Young, resident of Maryland, is up in arms about Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, disabling her profile after she started a petition against facebook’s current friend’s limit. The current limit is 5000, which isn’t high enough for Young, who claims to have many quality, meaningful friendships with people on the site.

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Logically, if you petition against something a company they will not take it with a smile. Signing up to a site like Facebook, you are agreeing to their terms and conditions, not your own. Essentially, you like what they offer, or you don’t. You have no say or rights. Facebook isn’t a country, a democracy, and it is not bound by constitutional laws of expression, due to it being a private entity.

There’s a lot in the background of this decision which is unclear, and will remain unclear, as certain documents will not be released, and Facebook has no legal right or obligation to do anything at all.

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