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*Sponsored Links* – Knx news is featured in Los Angeles, California, USA. It is an all news radio station that will give you updates on everything going on in the world. It uses a clear channel and is operated under the CBS Radio corporation. KNX broadcasts from its own facilities as well as sub stations which are known as KFWB, KCBS-FM, and KAMP which are featured on Lose Angeles’ Miracle Mile and it keeps its transmitter and antenna at Columbia Park which is in Torrance. This is on the northeast side of the intersection at Hawthorne Boulevard and 190th Street. The station also has an HD radio station that is always available online as a stream and you can find it on their website. It simulcasts on the FM band on the HD2 channel of KTWV.

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KNX has a highly powerful signal which gets exceptionally better at night and be heard throughout many of the large sections of the United States. This includes Mexico, southernmost Candace, Alaska and even Hawaii. Some places across the Pacific Ocean have even reported picking up the broadcasts. Some of these places are Japan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Panama, Colombia, Peru, and Chile. There are lots of 50,000+ watt stations that are on the coastal cities throughout the world that have the ability to transmit over very long distances.

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