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Koran-Burning Church Website Down – Rackspace Takes Terry Jones Site Offline

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Koran-Burning Church Website Down – Rackspace Takes Terry Jones Site Offline – The small Florida church that is hosting a Quran burning event recently had their website pulled from the internet by their host. The Texas based web hosting company Rackspace was the company that was hosting the site, and after the removal they claimed that the Dove World Outreach Center church “violated the offensive content section of their acceptable use policy.”

That particular section does bar activities like the one they were promoting on their website. It will be interesting to see how quickly the church is able to find additional hosting and put the website back up on the Internet. A number of anti-Islamic preaching pieces had been posted to the website by the pastor, reverend Terry Jones.

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Jones has come under fire since he first announced the Quran burning event. A number of politicians, including President Barack Obama and Sarah Palin have spoken out about the event, and have even gone as far as to ask the pastor not to go through with it. The sorry is that Muslim extremist groups will use the event as justification for more violence against Americans. General David Patreus warned Jones that he could be potentially threatening American life by burning the Quran. Jones has said that regardless of the warnings, he will go through with the vent, even if it endangers his life. He has received a number of death threats since national media first picked the story up.

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