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Limewire Free Download Shut Down

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Limewire Free Download Shut Down – One of the most popular file sharing sites on the internet, Limewire, was shut down on Thursday by US court after a against the site by the music industry. Just five months ago Limewire faced other trouble after thirteen music companies were successful in a case against website for copyright infringement and unfair competition. On Tuesday, a legal notice could be seen on the Limewire website stating that they had been put under a court ordered injunction to stop distributing and supporting file sharing software.

The chief executive of Limewire said that he was disappointed with the turn of events. He also added that they had no other option but to cease the distribution of the software. However, he added another interesting comment, stating that the team was already working on a new project. He said that they will be sharing more details of the service as time goes on.

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So far this year there have been more than one lawsuits that have been filed against Limewire. All of these have ruled in favour of the companies who filed the lawsuits, which of course, did not do Limewire any good as a company. The software, which has been around for ten years now is based on peer to peer file sharing, which is illegal if used incorrectly. Millions of users all over the world were using Limewire to share music, movies, software, and more.

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