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Lockheed Martin Hacking Problem

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Hackers again have wreaked havoc as it’s reported they’ve broken into none other than the top secret Lockheed Martin that is the manufacturer of US military weapons.

This is something so serious that national security could have been compromised.

They not only hacked Lockheed Martin but also into the realms of several other US military contractors. The hackers apparently did this by duplicating SecurID electronic keys from EMC Corp’s RSA security division.

No one knows or is saying what data may have been compromised.

The attack is so serious that fellow contractors, Northrop Grumman Corp, Raytheon Co, Boeing Co, and General Dynamics are keeping their lips sealed regarding this attack and others.

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It all started when EMC got hacked in March and had been working on preventing further attacks but all came to naught.

This latest monster attack follows such historic hacking attacks as had hit Sony and Google. Sony’s attack is historic as the biggest in history and affected some 100 million people and took Sony over a month to try to handle but are still being attacked.

Since Lockheed Martin has developed present and have plans for future military systems, if any of that data fell into the hands of evil-doers then the security of the US has been compromised and raised the bar in the next wave of cyber security.

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