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LulzSec Hackers Retire

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Another wild upheaval in the world of hacking as the secret hacking group LulzSecurity is said to be claiming to be disbanding and going on to more secretive hacking adventures.

Not surprising as their anonymity is being and has been disclosed for weeks now to the police on a global scale. LulzSec had been running around the web boasting of their attacks on the big corporate and entertainment, and government websites.

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Then as the cops started capturing more and more hackers, these criminals started spilling the beans on their colleagues and the house of cards for the hacking community started coming apart.

What LulzSec and other hacking groups didn’t know was that many of their pals had been singing and ratting out their buddies all along. Now other hacking groups have threatened to release the names of the LulzSec hackers. That seems to be the real reason they’re heading for the hills.

They claim to be wanting to join up with the Anonymous hacking group but that won’t do any good as many of Anonymous’ members have been singing and ratting as well.

It was only a matter of time before these hacking groups started to run for cover but in truth there’s no where to run nor hide.

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