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LulzSec’s Rival Wants To Expose Group Members

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Begun the Hacker Wars have.

That’s what ‘Yoda’ the little green friend of the Star Wars saga might say after reading this latest story regarding the ongoing battles between the hackers and the authorities but in a twist of fate that is sure to upend the entire battle, rival groups are now at one another’s throats that is sure to be a boon to the international law enforcement community.

In the past year there have been record hacking attacks costing billions of dollars and destroying the lives of the public and endangering law enforcement.

The hackers from the two main groups, Anonymous and Lulz Security have been taunting the authorities and have attacked the CIA, FBI, IMF, and dozens of major corporations putting lives and fortunes at risk.

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A sweeping number of successful busts of hackers around the world in recent weeks has opened a hole and with the permission to use deadly force by US authorities and military regarding hackers it was bound to break down the walls.

Now it’s learned that the hackers themselves are at war with one another and soon there will be the biggest arrests of hackers throughout the world.

LulzSec, one of the top hacking groups is being attacked by a rival group called TeaMp0ison ( Team Poison ) who have threatened to expose the names of LulzSec.

This move was inevitable as the members of these groups are being picked off one by one and many of them teenagers or young 20 somethings who then realize they’re looking at 20 years in prison and

indefinite poverty due to fines and lawsuits and even perhaps assassination from the drug dealers, terrorists and the like who also have suffered from their hacking, are now waking up and realizing their folly.

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