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Mac OS X Leopard To Be Released Friday

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The Mac OS X Leopard ,considered as Apple’s most revolutionary software will be unleashed tomorrow.
The Macintosh OS X 10.5, better known as Leopard, will be accessible to clients around the world and cost $130 for a single-user license or $200 for a five-user family pack.
The upgraded version Apple’s operating system that was released two years ago will have not 10 not 50 but 300 new features and enhancements.
Here are some of the great new features that you will love:

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*Boot Camp : allows anyone with an Intel-based Mac to run Windows XP or Windows Vista.
*The Time Machine :it automatically backs up your computer on an (optional) external hard drive,meaning recovering lost files is so easy it’s like magic.
This feature captures hourly backups up to the past 24 hours and daily backups are kept for 30 days and replaced by weekly backups.
*iChat : Leopard makes video conferencing more fun thanks to Photo Booth’s special effects you can digitally superimpose a chat background with pictures or videos,how about the Eiffel Tower for example.

There are many many more exciting features to discover but I can imagine like all of us you are eagerly waiting to get a Leopard tomorrow,well above is what the package will look like.By the way you are among the first people to ever see this baby.

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