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Mac OS X & Windows FaceTime

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Mac OS X & Windows FaceTime – A recent report by the French site Mac4Ever has stated that iLife ’11 may be nearing its launch and that Apple’s Facetime video chat feature will be coming to windows and Mac systems sooner than we think. The FaceTime client had only been available on the usual Apple products including the iPhone 4, and was rumored to be available on a number of upcoming but recently announced products.

The site has made insanely accurate predictions regarding the release of new applications and features before. Previously, they predicted the addition of an SD card slot and quad-core processor options for the iPhone 4.

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It will be interesting to see how much less streamlined the interface becomes when it is brought to desktop PCs. The service is fairly simple on the iPhone, but has garnered the company a lot of attention. It is not surprising that they would like to bring the technology to those of us who do not own Apple products that allow us to use the service. However, many have expressed shock that the company will make the software available to users who are running windows. It will certainly be interesting to see how much support Apple will be able to drum up for FaceTime on desktops, assuming that the report that was released by Mac4Ever is completely true. The company has not released any official statement regarding the release of the software.

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