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Mark Zuckerberg Girlfriend-Priscilla Chan

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Mark Zuckerberg Girlfriend-Priscilla Chan – Have you heard about Mark Zuckerberg’s new girlfriend, Priscilla Chan? Zuckerberg is one of the most powerful and influential businessmen in the world and the two of them have been dating for a short amount of time. Zuckerberg is most famous for starting the most popular social networking site in the world, Facebook. He even has a movie being made about his amazing life, detailing how the website came to be.

The two met while they were studying at Harvard around 2004. That was the same year that Zuckerberg came up with the Facebook concept. Him and a few pals that he knew, including Chan, picked up and moved to California so that he could develop his business project into the empire that it has become today. From that point on, Chan and Zuckerberg remained close to one another, but kept their relationship secret for the most part.

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She is not only his girlfriend; she also plays an active role in the Facebook business. She has stood by Zuckerberg through all of the lawsuits, fame, and press inquiries, and the two of them have somehow managed to keep their relationship out from the prying eyes of the media. The couple has been working on spending time together outside of work, and apparently has a number of rules to keep their relationship healthy, including one that stipulates that they must go on one date per week, spending at least 100 minutes of alone time together.

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