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Mark Zuckerberg On Oprah

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Mark Zuckerberg On Oprah – In interviews, Mark Zuckerberg comes off as funny, shy and grounded. Now, with a new movie coming out called “The Social Network” that portrays him as a vicious businessman who was willing to backstab anyone to get to the top, many are wondering what kind of person he really is.

Zuckerberg announced just a few hours before the movie premiered that he would be donating more than $100 million to failing Newark schools. Some have speculated that he is doing so to save his reputation with the film about him coming out, while others have said that the timing is suspect, but that it appears to be an act of generosity, and not an act to save his own tale.

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Zuckerberg has been described as “a longer with 500 million friends,” a number that references the number of users on his popular social networking platform, Facebook.

Friends of Zuckerberg have said that he always wanted to be a part of something bigger. During his college years, he tried to get into a number of Harvard secret societies, and eventually created Facebook as a way to fight through his social awkwardness and connect with his peers.
Now that he has been successful, he has been involved in a lot of scrutiny. He hasn’t remained hidden behind the scenes since Facebook went public, that’s for sure. But he also hasn’t forced his way into the limelight in the way that Steve Jobs and other “dot com” CEO’s did in the past.

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