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Marlo Thomas Website AOL Launch

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Marlo Thomas Website AOL Launch – Marlo Thomas has teamed up with AOL to launch a website exclusively for women. she is known for being an activist as well as a best selling author that has been helping women from around the world for years. The site, aptly named, is on its way toward becoming one of the best resources for women who are looking to better their lives and access information that is relevant to modern women.

The site first launched on Wednesday, and will serve as a forum for women that are 35 years old and older, on which they can discuss many of the issues that commonly affect women in that age range. The site will not cater to younger women, but they will be allowed to participate int he discussion.

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Marlo Thomas will also be taking part in the discussion, and will be answering many of the questions on the forum. Obviously she will not be able to get to all of them, but she has said that she will be doing her best to take part as much as possible.

Hopefully the site takes off the way that she thinks that it will. Marlo Thomas is excellent at providing solid information to older women to help them enrich their lives and live a longer, healthier life and lifestyle.

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