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McDonald’s & Twitter Hacked

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A hacker recently managed to get into the mainframes of the following companies Walgreen Co., Twitter, and McDonalds to reveal some top secret data.

The hackers may have used the list of customer email addresses to spam their accounts requesting personal information for outside websites which have been setup as deterrents for their own purposes. Customers have provided personal information when signing up for certain McDonald’s promotions and subscriptions, and now that information could be threatened with the recent breach of security which was perpetrated by hackers.

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Apparently hackers used their skills to enter into Twitter’s database and spammed many of their users with advertisements which promoted the weight loss supplement “Acai Berry”.

The hackers used passwords which were stolen from Gawker Media when they managed to breach their mainframe earlier on this month. The recent security breach has revealed a number of holes in these company’s systems which they say they will try their best to work on and patch up before getting things back underway the information of their customers and users will once again be perfectly safe.

The breach of security also underscored the importance of not using the same password for multiple web accounts which many people tend to do.

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