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Microsoft Android Lawsuit

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Microsoft Android Lawsuit – Microsoft has launched legal action, indirectly, against Google’s Android smartphone operating system. Microsoft is accusing handset maker Motorola of patent infringement for including the software in its own devices. Android has been having a lot of legal troubles lately, as many other companies are filing lawsuits against the operating system.

The android operating system, however, has been rising in sales despite the lawsuits. For this quarter, it overtook Apple’s iPhone software.

Others to file lawsuits include Apple, who took legal actions against HTC, the Taiwanese handset maker. The claim was for an alleged patent infringement against the android operating system. Oracle also took aim, claiming that HTC illegally uses the java software.

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The lawsuit against Motorola by Microsoft claims that the company has 9 infringements of its patents on its use of the android operating system. Some of the infringements include simple features, such as email, how the operating system synchronises, calender and contacts.

The lawsuit is aimed at Motorola, but targets the Android operating system more so. According to Horacio Gutierrez, Microsoft’s deputy general counsel, “the patented features implicated in the action are in the Android platform” itself rather than in technology added by the handset maker.

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